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All donkeys listed on this page are for sale. Email for info.

Click on the Miniature donkey names below to see the 
pedigrees and photos. PLEASE NOTE that pedigrees
are NOT the #1 criteria for selecting a good quality
Miniature donkey, but you may use them as a guide. 
All the Miniature donkeys had parents (duh).
 By using the pedigrees you can get an idea
of colors and sizes; also, the names of herd sires and breeding programs
 that have consistently produced excellent quality Miniature donkeys.

Ex. RVB Rosebud is one of my best producing jennets and has
excellent correct foals in all colors, but has 
a very shallow pedigree. 


We have assembled a fine collection of quality registered  Mediterranean Miniature Donkeys from great breeding programs all over the US and Canada. We like the more stocky donkey between 30" and 34" tall with a great personality, pretty head and round full rear. For color we have  spotted as well as gray, brown, sorrel and black/brown. As I will change the photos on this website from time to time, here is a list of all the registered miniature donkeys that live at Satroma Ranch. 

Please click on the names below for 
photos and pedigrees of our donkeys.

My World Red Hawk

OTT's Athena's Shadow

Hauenstein's Dream Walker



Ozark's Indian Summer

Quarter Moon Anna  

Satroma Ranch Amaretto Bay



Outstanding bloodlines and herd sires in these pedigrees include:

Luigi, Pearl Bailey, Lazy C Ranch, Bushnell, 
Cooke's Circle C, 
Feather Ridge, Nettle Creek,  
Man-O-War, Fisher's Tiny Tim,
Rainbow's Blizzard, Red Baron, Valintino 49 & 75, Philamena, 
 Little Motown, Nissen's LN Nicodemus,
LN Notch, LN Neek, Jennie Sam, 
758's Rosebud, Winchester, 
Dewey Meadows Sweetwater Puccini,
Dewey Meadows Guido, Dewey Meadows Primo, 
Zeus I & II, Theseus,
Arbor Ledge Little Red, 45 Magnum. 

   Satroma Ranch Miniature Donkeys  

Mel and Liz Cole
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